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Deluxe Sleeping Experience

Mattress Excelso plus Canape Play

This has been the choice for all the rooms of the Pension Plaza Nueva in Bilbao.

The idea of its owners has been to bet and provide their customers with a different rest to that normally found in most hotels.

Why?, whether for pleasure or work, the most important thing about a hotel room is its bed, it is where we spend most of the time we are in the room.

For what?, so that tomorrow you are with your batteries charged and eager to start the day, whether to work or to start enjoying the curiosities of this city.

The choice

We have looked for several things at the time of choosing this set.

First of all, to guarantee a good rest. This is why we have chosen Dorelan’s innovative bagged spring system, completely designed in the company’s research and development laboratories.

What they contribute

Differentiated support

These provide personalized support because each spring will adapt itself autonomously ensuring maximum ergonomic comfort to the different physiognomies and complexions.

Differentiated support

Thanks to the special design of the spring (propellers with differentiated distances), the structure of the mattress maintains a correct support, offering greater comfort in the surface areas to generate a high quality rest.

High ergonomics

Thanks to the presence of differentiated support zones, these bagged springs are able to offer maximum ergonomic support depending on the rest zone. Moreover, as each spring acts individually to the pressures, we assure a differentiated and proportional support of the received tensions.

The second is to guarantee perfect adaptability and good comfort. To this end, we have covered this exclusive casing with two technical foams that adapt perfectly to our curvature, one with no memory to support, and the other with memory, in this way we will have total support, something essential to guarantee our support and our ergonomics, in short, a good rest. In addition, they have a very high aeration capacity to benefit the passage of air and thus ensure a cool and dry rest.

Finally, the base. This is very important in order to get the most out of the mattress. In this case we have opted for a solid spruce wood structure that is capable of providing complete stability and perfect aeration, which is essential for a continuous regeneration of the air.

This base will provide a firm type of comfort, ideal for the Excelso mattress, a solid and stable support where you can perform to the maximum.
Thanks to this set, we guarantee an optimal rest that will help you every morning to face the day with greater strength and vitality.

Let’s hope it’s a good experience. Tomorrow you tell us, now enjoy.