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Location: Plaza Nueva 1, Bilbao

Plaza Nueva Square is located in the heart of Bilbao’s Old Part. It was built in the 19th century as a consequence of the spirit of the Enlightenment prevailing in that period in Bilbao. Built in Neoclassical style, it has the shape of a rectangle with 18 arches in two of its sides and 15 in the other two. Round arches leaning on square pillars and attached Dorian columns.

With a surface area of 3,400 metres, the square was inaugurated in 1851. Responsible for its layout were three architects: Silvestre Pérez, Antonio Echevarría and Avelino Goikoetxea.
The material used in the building was golden masonry sandstorm. The square has five accesses, four of them belonging to the original project; the fifth was made subsequently and nowadays is the main entrance. A functional language, almost without decorative references, prevails in the building of the houses surrounding the square.
Nowadays four arboreal massifs decorate the square’s corners. The square’s character is unquestionable and invites to a relaxing moment, even in the many cafeterias located in the arcades.

In plane

Bilbao Airport

San Sebastián Airport

Biarritz Airport

Pamplona Airport

By train

Bilbao Abando Indalecio Prieto

Estación de Bilbao-Concordia

Estación de Bilbao-Atxuri

By bus

Puede descargar el plano en pdf desde aquí o visitar la web de Bilbobus para más información.

En coche

Si deseas saber cómo llegar a la pensión Lô Bilbao en coche, escribe tu domicilio y dale a “Generar ruta”.

By bike

Bilbao cuenta con muchos bidegorris (carriles de bicicleta) para poder desplazarte cómodamente en bicicleta.

Puedes descargar el mapa de bidegorris desde aquí o visitar la web Bilbao21 para más información.